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Featured Student - Nicole Torres

Our next Featured Student is Nicole Torres, who has been taking our adult ballet class for many years. Read about her love of dance and how she still finds time in her busy schedule to come to ballet class.

I began dancing, around 4 or 5 years old. My mom signed me up for a tap class through the local Parks & Rec as an after school activity. I was pretty neutral to it at first until I got to be in my teens. That's when the competitive bug bit me and dance really started to break me out of my secluded, only child, shell. I am forever grateful for growing up with dance because it taught me discipline, self awareness, teamwork, as well as, being an excellent physical activity and endurance builder. It gave me friendships and sisterhoods, with my fellow dancers that continue to this day. Dance also helped me find my own voice and self confidence, that as a shy kid, were priceless to me.


I really didn't notice or appreciate all of the other things dance gave me until I stepped away from it for a little while after high school. I'd say, I was probably around 25 when I really needed to start to look for an activity again that I could commit to. I noticed how tired and sluggish I was becoming, not to mention out of shape. I tried joining a gym but using the machines, even with my own music playing in my ears, I just couldn't bear going there. Whenever I would try to think of something, anything, I could enjoy doing for exercise, the only think I would keep coming back to was dance. I was determined to find an adult dance class near me. Luckily, I found Miss Suzanne's adult ballet class back around 2005, and I am proud to say that I am still a student to this day! Upon first returning to ballet, I was nervous and embarrassed of my silhouette in the mirror. I'm not going to lie; It took a little while for my eyes to get used to the new refection staring back at me in the mirror. In fact, my silhouette has changed quite a few times over the years, dancing with Miss Suzanne. I danced through two pregnancies, a kidney stone, 2 hernias and many of life's other ups and downs. Returning to dance after quite some time really showed me how beneficial dance is for the body, mind and the soul.  Miss Suzanne's combos are always good for testing our memory, as well as, our physical strength. There's also nothing like letting the feeling of the music move your body through pirouette's or grande allegro across the floor.  As I get older, sometimes life's other responsibilities get in the way of attending class. It's hard not to feel like I let myself down on the weeks that I can't make it. Even on the days to I do go to class, it's hard to motivate myself to change my clothes and drive to the studio. However, it never fails, the feeling of accomplishment and pride while driving home after class. Always reminding myself that I "can do hard things!"   


Over the years I have found other forms of exercise that I like doing and they are all solely based on body movement. Yoga, Pilates, and barre classes are something that I have also grown passionate about. Even taking certification courses so that I can teach classes myself, something I've always dreamed of doing. I aspire to be a life long student of body movement. I've even been certified for dementia, memory care and chair yoga classes. I truly believe movement is the key to life and I really don't ever want to stop moving!

Featured Student - Jerrilynn Pearson

We are proud to feature Jerrilynn Pearson, who began taking ballet five years ago. Read about the benefits she feels ballet gives her and what keeps her dancing.

Who would start taking ballet lesson at the age of 70? I did. Never had ballet as a child, but have the passion now. It is a challenge, but a good challenge. Because there is no muscle memory to help me along with technique, progress is slow but fun and extremely meaningful. Each lesson slowly builds increased proficiency and understanding of this complicated physical and cognitive discipline.


Fortunately I did not let any of my physical impairments stop me. I will never be on stage dancing in the Nutcracker, and that is not what I want. My lessons help improve flexibility, balance, posture, memory and musicality while providing opportunities for social interaction with others who are also excited about ballet.


What I appreciate the most about ballet instruction and practice is the development of physical strength accompanied by some of the most beautiful music ever composed.


It's never too late to begin.




Featured Student - Mari Holser

We are proud to feature Mari Holser, a talented and dedicated dancer in our Adult Ballet class.   Read about how Mari was inspired to start ballet training as an adult after moving here from Japan, and the benefits and joy she feels from her ballet classes …

I was born in Japan and grew up there.  Nothing like these days, there were not many dance studios available even in the major cities when I was young.  It might be hard to believe for everyone here but taking Dance lessons had been “quite special” and only for a certain group of people until early 1990s!!  When I was in grade school, my most favorite TV series was “The Red Shoes”, which had nothing to do with the fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen.  It was about a young lady who loved ballet and worked so hard to go up the career ladder in the Ballet Company and became a Prima Ballerina in the end. While I was watching the weekly drama, I was absolutely mesmerized by a pair of shiny point shoes and the graceful movement on toes.  I was always interested in taking Ballet classes because of that TV drama, but I just did not have a chance to start dancing until I became an adult.  One day, my coworker at that time had invited me to her recital featuring Swan Lake.  She was also a late starter, and it was her first recital.  She was in the Corps de Ballet and was one of the Swans in the back.   The day I went to her recital was the exact moment in which I decided to start practicing ballet.  I still clearly remember my excitement on my way home from the show.  Soon after that I joined the class that she belonged to, and I started practicing twice a week when I was in my mid-thirties.


When I came to the US in 2001 to get married, I did not have friends here in Michigan except my husband and my new in-laws.  I started looking for an adult ballet class near my house to have fun, to do something familiar, and to get accustomed to a new life in the US.  Luckily, I found an Adult Ballet class at the Rochester School of Dance and started to attend weekly.  One day, after I had attended for several years, Ms Suzanne was subbing for my instructor, it was the first time for me to take her class.  I have been thankful for meeting her again at the Gotta Dance studio and having the opportunity to take her classes on a regular basis for years now.  I always love her Barre exercise and the center-work, which consists of many precise techniques and graceful movements with wonderful music, and I am grateful to her for patiently correcting us and explaining the correct body movements when we struggle once in a while.   I believe that her encouraging approach is very important especially for adult students!


Through the ballet class, I meet many passionate adult dancers.  That is one of the most encouraging factors which motivate me to keep taking classes as much as possible and as long as possible going forward.  All of us have different backgrounds and different lifestyles, but in the class, we all focus on the techniques, musicality and choreography.  We constantly learn something new in the class.  Even one simple-looking technique consists of a hundred items that you need to understand, keep in your mind, and remember all the time.   Ballet requires lots of concentration and discipline in addition to artistry, which to me is the most fascinating and attractive factor.

In early June of 2019 and 2021, I had the opportunity to attend the Adult Ballet Summer Intensive held at the Ballet West in Utah.  It is a week-long dance camp only for adults.  This intensive training does not set any specific criteria --- if you are dance lovers, you can join the session.  I had amazing experiences there, attending classes from 9 am to 3 pm, from Monday through Saturday, and we had a small recital on Saturday afternoon to wrap up.  We simply focused on dance (Technique / Point / Jazz / Modern / Contemporary) with students from all over the states.  Classes were taught by Professional Dancers from Ballet West.  This was such a unique experience for me.  I am planning to attend again.

Now, to me, Ballet is not just one of my hobbies but a part of my life.  In the future, I may start losing stamina and physical strength little by little, but I really want to keep attending Ballet classes for good health and maintaining a young spirit.  Moreover I will cherish the fun and excitement of dancing on the floor with wonderful ballet friends.

Featured Students - Laura Jakowenko

It has been a special treat to have Laura, who is a Radio City Rockette, join us for ballet class this summer. Read about her inspiring journey and love of dance...

Laura’s Bio


Like many dancers, I started around the age of 3. While I tried other activities growing up, I kept coming back to dance because I loved the ability to express myself and constantly learn new things. Knowing that ballet is the foundation for all types of dance, I made sure to consistently train in ballet and attended summer programs with the American Ballet Theatre and The Rock School. As a student I was able to perform with Ballet International and Moscow Ballet in The Nutcracker, American Ballet Theatre in Swan Lake, and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in their holiday show. Dancing on such large stages was thrilling and made me realize how much I enjoyed performing. While I loved and appreciated ballet, I loved jazz dancing just as much. I trained in a variety of styles with competitive studios in metro-Detroit and went on to win regional and national competitions. Through it all my passion for performing and being on stage always propelled me to work hard. 


When it came time to make post-high school plans, I was unsure what path I wanted to take. As much as I loved dance, I also was interested in pursuing academics so I wanted to find a way to do both. I attended DePaul University in Chicago where I double-majored in accounting and marketing, and I also kept up my dance training on my own by taking classes at local studios and touring on weekends with Tremaine Dance Conventions as a faculty assistant. As the years went by I started to realize that I wanted to make the move to New York City and fully pursue a dance career, so after graduation I did just that. 

While I auditioned for a variety of dance jobs, I ended up landing a role as a Radio City Rockette and I’m now entering my 8th year with the company. Through Rockettes I have been able to perform on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, The Tony Awards, The Today Show and The MTV VMA Awards. I’m thankful that my hard work and determination have paid off and that I get to do what I love - performing for thousands of people each day. 


Although my path to become a professional dancer is unlike many others, I’m happy with the way things have turned out. Now a Certified Public Accountant, I’m able to work and support myself during what we call “the off-season” when we’re not performing as Rockettes. I make sure to take dance classes regularly not only because I genuinely love it, but also because as a professional dancer I always want to present the best possible version of myself technique-wise. The dance world is an evolving industry, but I’ve found that one thing that stays consistent is the importance of solid ballet technique. 


My advice to young dancers is to keep working hard, try not to compare yourself to others, and don’t worry about trying to figure out your future right away. The technique and work habits you build at a young age will carry with you as you get older, so it’s important to always work hard now. There are a wide variety of paths to go in the dance world, so focus on finding what you love to do and what your strengths are without trying to compare yourself to others. And ultimately don’t be afraid to just see where things take you. Growing up I never thought about being a Rockette, but now I can’t imagine a more perfect fit for me. So don’t worry about figuring everything out right away. Just keep your love for dance going and you’ll ultimately land on the path you were meant for!

Featured Students - Jan Harris and Laurel Lombardi

"Dance Buddies" Laurel and Jan have been taking class together for many years - read their inspiring stories . 

Laurel’s Bio


Like so many other bun heads, I discovered ballet at seven years old, by following an older sister to class. From the start I loved everything about ballet - the music, the movement, the discipline and especially the competition with my sister. Whether I ever beat her is questionable, but I certainly outlasted her, and ballet became a life-long passion.


Regrettably, I drifted away from dance in high school, again following my sister into cheerleading and sports. Luckily, I found ballet again in college and never looked back.


I picked up my Cecchetti training at a local studio and took my grade six student exam and one through four as a teacher. I was fortunate to teach there for many years and to continue taking classes. I met Jan in one of those classes and we soon bonded over the love of ballet and the determination to improve no matter what our age.


Ballet is the gift I give myself each week. Jan and I are together in this, though I will admit, pink tights are far in the past for me.


Jan’s Bio


At ten years old, after seeing a younger neighbor playing dress-up in her beautiful costumes and watching the sexy Emma Peel in her black leotards and tights, I just knew I needed to see what ballet class was all about. It was a rude awakening to have to wear pick tights along with that black leotard! Somehow, the challenge of working my body to move fluidly to the music and the discipline that it took to maintain the strength, flexibility, and balance hooked me into a lifelong obsession of ballet.


I had the wonderful experience of dancing with the Flint Ballet Theatre for over a decade and will always remember the thrill of performing to live music provided by the Flint Symphony Orchestra – it was like hearing the music for the first time, after months of rehearsing to a taped recording.


When I moved to the Detroit area, my first quest was to find a dance studio. That pattern has continued as I moved around the metropolitan area. At first, it had to be a Cecchetti studio (as that was where my training began), but in later years I also came to love various other styles, including Vaganova and Balanchine. I was open to whatever I could learn and found something of value from each of my teachers.


Many friendships were also formed over the years. Laurel and I met at class and have become ballet buddies. We hold each other accountable, share rides, offer encouragement, issue reminders and challenge each other as we overcome injuries and age-related issues while taking class. Sometimes the weather, family demands, work or exhaustion make one of us want to miss class, but the other is always there and we can’t let them down.


Grab a buddy or meet someone in class and make a commitment to enjoy the benefits of ballet - great exercise, wonderful stress reliever and a beautiful art form. And, you don’t even have to wear pink tights, but I still do!

Marlise's Bio


I started taking ballet when I was five. I gradually added tap and jazz, but ballet was always my favorite. Going to the dance studio throughout grade school, high school, college and even when I got a nine to five job was a great way to clear my head and de-stress.


Now that I’m an adult with a family, that still holds true. I make going to ballet class a priority for a number of reasons. Going to ballet class sets a good example for my kids. It shows them that when you grow up you still need exercise and that taking time for yourself is healthy. 


In addition to setting a good example, taking ballet class also helps me to do the steps I ask my students to do. I’ve been teaching for about 30 years now and I find it very important to take class myself and be able to demonstrate the positions and combinations for my students. I may not have the same stamina I used to have or be able to leap as high as I used to, but I try to improve in other areas, such as turnout, extension and pointe.


On a good day, it takes me a half an hour to get to Suzanne’s ballet class. Some days, when it’s snowy or the tights seem a bit too tight, I think about skipping a week, but then I remember why I go – to stay limber, to teach, to keep my mind sharp. It’s like medicine. And after class is done, I always feel like I’ve accomplished something and I’m glad I went. When I do have to miss, I am not happy. And if I have to miss two or three weeks in a row, I get downright cranky. Luckily, Suzanne offers several options for adults to get their “ballet therapy.” 


Going to ballet class as an adult is also a great social outlet. There is a certain camaraderie dancers, ballet dancers in particular, share and a certain craving for sweat and sore muscles that can be satiated no where else but at the barre and understood by no one else but by another dancer. 


Ballet – it’s good medicine!

Featured Students - Marlise


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