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Did you start ballet training as an adult?

How old were you when you started taking ballet? While many dancers start as children, there are many who began their training as an adult. Be sure to read about

Mari Holser, pictured above, on the last edition of "Featured Dancer" on my website: Mari shares her thoughts about what inspired her to start ballet, and what motivates her to continue her training.

How about you? Did you start as a child or as an adult? What inspired YOU? We'd like to hear YOUR story!

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Mar 09, 2022

I started taking ballet at the age of 8. I actually wasn't very familiar with ballet, but my friends were signing up, and I didn't want to be left out! I loved it from the very first class. Eventually, my friends moved on to sports or other activities, but I stayed in ballet. It was the highlight of my week. Little did I know that I would stay with it so long and eventually become a teacher, which has been a rewarding and fun job. What's your story about starting ballet??

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